20 Sep 14 at 7 pm

I’m home!!!

16 Sep 14 at 3 pm

Yellow stone, Montana

Yellow stone, Montana
15 Sep 14 at 9 am

My kitties I brought them with me too LOL

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My kitties I brought them with me too LOL
15 Sep 14 at 9 am

Roberto Bolaño, from 2666

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"How paltry we are and how spectacularly we contort ourselves before our own eyes, and the eyes of others…And all for what? To hide what? To make people believe what?"

"I'm Sprung"
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I’m in idaho! There’s not much here, everyone is nice though lol something happened to the truck and they were no mechanic shops open on Sunday so it’s getting fixed now. I’m 3 hours away from yellow stone :) I brought my pets with me! I’ll post pics when I can. Wassup how’s everyone? I wish you guys were here with me I brought so much weed! Oh man I just want to smell the trees already! Talk to me whatever I’m gonna blog for a bit.

14 Sep 14 at 6 pm

Jean-Paul Sartre, from Nausea 

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"But my place is nowhere; I am unwanted."

"I feel more helpless with you than without you."